I have a confession to make:  I think I have the whooping cough.

now for your parents out there who let me hang out with your children… don’t worry… if I do have it… i’m in the non-contagious stage.  however, that stage (stage 3 I think?) is where it just lies dormant, like malaria, and then it comes and goes as it pleases for the next year or so.

So… I’m struggling.  I’m getting up at 5:45am every day for a job i have, and by wednesday afternoon each week I have a sore throat and the cough has returned.  This happens.  My body continually has a bad immune system, and lack of sleep always makes me more vulnerable.  but usually if i’m getting 7 or 8 hours of good sleep a night I can at least hold out for a good while.  But these days I’m constantly dragging.  and neither coffee nor naps are helping.  no matter what, come wendesday afternoon, the whoop has returned. So, I’ve given my notice on quitting this morning job, but I have to stick it out until the end of the month, which is a whole 2 and a half weeks more.  I haven’t been this consistently tired since my high school days before my hypothyroidism was getting treated.  And it really takes away my motivation the rest of the day when I have time I should be working on things.  instead I just want to lay down and sleep or at least just zone out.

So, to sum up this tangent… I’m tired and frustrated by the fact that i am so tired.  and I think I have another epidemic type sickness to add to my immunity’s resume of things it has lost the battle to.

New things I’ve done recently:

-on saturday I went shopping at good will and I bought a painting, and a coffee table for our apartment.  both of which I’m really excited about.  I also bought a hot dress for the cruise I’m scheming and conniving to take over spring break (as long as I can convince my comrades to come along).

-sunday I went to my first church service at the church I now work for downtown (San Diego 1st Pres), and I went to a new farmers market on rosecrans that I’d never seen before.  it was really small (only two blocks long), and only had so many booths, but it was fun. and I did indulge and buy my favorite farmers market item: a bundle of sunflowers.  and they’re continually being a sunny spot in my otherwise sleepy days.


-monday I went to the theology/christian ministries’ departmental chapel for the first time, which I really loved.  I wish I actually belonged to that department.  But I suppose not belonging makes it have a much more appealing feeling for me, because it’s where I’d like to be, not where I have to be.  Also, I watched the movie “the killers” for the first time.  It seemed pretty funny.  I wouldn’t buy it, but it was a good redbox rental.

-Tuesday I made chocolate chip pumpkin bread for the first time, and it was a huge success.  not to brag, but it was delicious!  I’m definitely going to make it again.

-Today (wednesday) — I led my first youth group bible study tonight for my church and I think it went well.  It was for the junior highers, and I don’t know whether they were all paying attention, but they were all quiet for it, which I consider at least partial success.  and in the discussion afterward we got some really good dialogue going.  I’m seriously loving this job.

alright, that’s all for now.  It’s 9:07 and I’m already feeling like bedtime is here.