About Jo

003-JoannaAbout me:
Professional Pool Girl by day (as in Swimming pool technician)
Writer, Marketing Expert, & Artist sometimes.
Storyteller & Adventurer always.
Enneagram 7w8
Wichita, KS

Things I love: my people, stories, Italy, funny people, coffee, dogs, trying new things, and God.

About the blog:

I’m a Enneagram type 7, so I don’t like to focus on and dwell on hard emotions generally, but my writing is one of the few spaces in which I do so.

I’ve know some hard life, and I use this blog to process some of that, but I also approach it in a way that hopefully accomplishes 3 things: Bringing humor and irreverence, searching for the hope and joy and beauty that is all around us, and being honest and real about it all – even, maybe especially, the ugly parts of life.

I write a lot about journeys, grief, self-worth (& other-worth), adventures, and living the best life I know how. “Raw” and “candid” are things I strive for. You won’t find me spraying glitter on the crap of life. Just not my thing. You will find me trying to process, and mining the layers for a hopeful takeaway.