so, I promised I’d tell ya the rest of the places i went after the semester ended so here’s some of the high lights and pics.


I finished my last final (actually the night before it was supposed to be), packed up all my belongings and put them in storage except my backpack, bade farewell to the students that would be leaving while I was away traveling, and I headed off for an adventure.

Train to Basel, stayed the night on floor of hostel dining room after wandering streets of basel for hours alone at night trying to find said hostel without knowing directions or address.  Flew from Basel to London. Sat in outter part of London airport for 9 hours. Flew from London to Athens. Wandered streets of athens trying to find next hostel. found it.


So, I was in ATHENS and saw:

The Acropolis: where even the marble ground is ancient.

And I went to the ancient Greek Agora:










And I saw some amazing artifacts in museums.

Also Visited Zeus’ temple. And i’m pretty sure it’s the largest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

and the original olympic stadium. it was refurbished for the first olympic games of modern times.








Then I went to Patra where the water is magical and the mountains are mystical.







Then I hopped on a ship and traveled through the waters and islands to make my way to Bari, Italy.