I’m continuing with my summer challenge of trying to do something new everyday.  So far, since it’s the beginning of the semester, there have been a good deal of new things to keep me safe from missing a day, but sometimes I still have to be intentional.  I like this challenge for a few reasons: 1) It makes me keep track of how many new things I do try, without even being intentional about doing so, 2) it makes me be creative 3)the obvious: it makes me (what do you know!) try new things and expand my horizons.  It also makes me make sure I’m intentional about thinking about what i’m doing each day, instead of just going through all the necessary motions.  It’s been a really good exercise for me and it’s definitely one I’m going to keep on with.

some new things since school started:

  • Started new classes — so far it looks like this semester is a good lineup.  I’m in Art (which is a quad class, and requires nothing but me showing up), Aerobics (which is fun, has no hw, and keeps me in shape and sore), writing for mass media (which is pretty low-key, and is a chance for me to make sure I’m writing in some way), Editing (which does not come naturally for me, but it doesn’t seem like the class will be too killer, and it’s not time consuming), World Lit (which is with an awesome professor, and I can either enjoy reading the pieces, or I can read spark notes and still do ok, depending on how much time I have), a journalism internship (which I have yet to begin, but I think will be something that’s right up my alley of interest: an Asian E-Magazine focusing on Biographies, Betterment, Beauty, and Business), and Preaching (which is my one elective, and the one class that goes toward  my call to church ministry.  I’m loving it).
  • Started new Jobs — the most exciting of which is my new job as a Youth Ministry Assistant at the San Diego 1st Presbyterian Church downtown.  I just started this past week, and I am so stoked to be a part of this ministry team!
  • Became the owner of an iphone 4 — and I’m addicted to it.  never before have I bought into anything technological so fast.  but this thing is awesome. it even has a compass and a level on it. Come on, that’s pretty friggin cool.
  • Moved in with new roommates — which is going awesome so far.  My immediate roommate (our apartment has 5 girls in it, and I am with Lizz in the two-man bedroom) is also a former study-abroad gal.  We both spent a year at the school in switzerland, and we both are still adjusting back into life on this side of the pond. My 2nd semester was her first semester there, so this is her 1st semester back at PLNU. I’ve also successfully created a new FRIENDS addict out of my roommate, Trisha.
  • Bought the new eminem album — also, this is my first time buying any of eminem’s music.  I really do like this album, though.  There’s definitely songs that are super crass and offensive, but there’s also songs that really hit the chord of human emotion and experience.  All of the lyrics seem very candid and honest — raw in every sense of the word.
  • Went camping at Fort Bragg — I was so happy to get to go with the group from my home church fam that goes camping there every year.  It was only 2 weeks after school had started, so it almost seemed ridiculous to fly out and see the people I had just left, but I am so so happy I was able to go.  There’s something so great about camping, when no one has anywhere they have to go, or things they have to get done, and you can just hang out and be with each other for days on end.  It was everything I had hoped it would be. =)
  • tried the new “refreshers” drink at starbucks — this drink, made with green, unroasted coffee beans, water, ice, and berries is refreshing, yes, but also semi-tasteless.  It’s good, but it’s most similar to flavored water.  I also tried to have them blend it for me one day, and I liked that, but again… mostly flavored water.
  • Watched “The Beach” — a Leo DiCaprio movie that a friend gave to me as a funny birthday present.  It came in one of those “3 for 1” packages of movies that all have the same actor in it.  I was under the impression it was a thriller… but in reality, it’s just weird.  But, it was a fun way to spend friday night with my roommates as we commented on how weird it was.
  • Became a fan of the “To-Go option” in the caf— This option is available during weekday lunchtimes, and it’s awesome.  I’ve been doing it pretty much every day.  Although, because I don’t drink bottled water, and the only other drink options for the deal are cans of soda…my soda intake has greatly increased from almost nothing to almost one a day.  I’m brainstorming solutions to this.
  • Went to the social security administration for the first time because I have misplaced my card and had to apply for a new one.  The “interview” questions they ask to confirm your identity are surprisingly easy.  And I only had to show one form of ID (drivers’ license) to get a new one.  It was surprising and slightly concerning how simple the whole process really was in this day where it seems like more people are thieved of their identities then their wallets or other possessions.
  • Tried the new Toffee Mocha at starbucks, which I must say… as a non-mocha-love… I loved it.
  • Walked through many new neighborhoods during one of my jobs in order to try to get the baby to go to sleep in the stroller.  The point loma area really is very quaint.
  • Started using the Peruvian Coffee I bought there this summer — and it’s tasty.  It’s a very nice way to start my morning.
  • Read Madame Bovary — flowery language, and sad story.  This woman seriously can’t find contentment in life, and I feel bad for her, and all the women her character is based on.
  • Wrote an article on the San Diego Food Bank’s summer efforts — I’m really impressed with the innovative ways they are using to reach out and meet the needs of the community of San Diego.  These people are incredible and creative, and I’m glad that others throughout SD are partnering with them to enhance their efforts.

Those are the high lights.  More to come.