many of you may know, and many of you may not, but I spent this past summer in san francisco.  I have never lived in a city before (because I don’t count the Point Loma suburb to truly be “city”), and it was definitely an experience.  I’ve determined that I really am more of a small town girl who appreciates being able to smile at and talk to strangers, to find places to be quiet, and to not be surrounded by so many people constantly rushing through life.  BUT, I did enjoy my summer there and it was a really fun time.

While I was there I began a challenge with a former teacher of mine that required that we each do something new every day.  This was a perfect thing to begin while I was in SF because I think it helped me to be intentional about trying new things while I was in a place of such opportunity.  I am still continuing this challenge of doing something new everyday and I will attempt to post about those new things I’m doing more consistantly, but I want to use some of the new things I did this summer to show you some of my SF highlights.

So here we go:

I watched a LOT of basketball games because our church had multiple teams on the Chinese Christian Union League. I also achieved being the only white person in the gym several times.


I got the chance to be the speaker at Jr High summer camp which was a blast.  Love these kids.


I got to go to the monterey bay Aquarium for the first time and I loved it.  The Jelly fish were one of the coolest things to watch.  I’d pay money to see a tank with these Jelly fish as an art exhibit any day.


I went to the DeYoung Museum of Art on a free day and this was my favorite exhibit.  It’s the charred boards from an African American Church in Alabama that was burned by the KKK. Very impacting for me.


I got to show Kate around Oroville for the first time and this, of course, had to include Table Mountain, even if it was all dry and brown.


I got to preach for the first time in a Sunday Worship Service.  I also got to serve under this cool lady all summer.


I got to revisit my childhood practice of chewing Eucalyptus leaves, but this time I made kate try it with me, and we used the leaves from trees in golden gate park.


For my birthday Kate took me back to one of my favorite childhood places: The Exploratorium.  This is the endless mirror triangle.


Also on my birthday I went to an American bar for the first time and ordered a drink at a bar for the first time.  Mine was actually virgin, but I had to order something on my 21st birthday, and the bar tender gave it to me for free because it was my birthday!


I went to my very first pro baseball game — Giants won!


The wonderful people that accompanied me on my first Giants experience.  Thank you Robbie and Ash for the tickets!!


I also bought this hat (my first Giants hat that wasn’t from my days playing for the Giants softball team) the week before at my first trip to the San Jose flea market.


I went to the San Fran zoo which was a couple blocks from my apartment.  The Lions were my favorite part because they roared at us!


Went to the Golden Gate Bridge.


And we walked all the way across it and back. (Which is almost 10,000 feet of walking)


Greg and Michelle helped me have my first Dim Sum Experience.


Greg was nice enough to order a whole smorgasbord of dim sum dishes for me to try.  and we were sooo stuffed afterward.


I learned how to successfully use chopsticks.  Thanks to everyone for you encouragement and technique tips! =)


All in all it was a summer of friends, fun, noodles, rice, socks, sandwiches, exploration, barbeque , and learning.