So, I’ve always had things I’ve really wanted to do in life, and I had them on a sort of un-written bucket list. and i refer to them from time to time in conversation as it comes up. and my friend Jessica recently encouraged me to actually write it out. these are not all grand things to accomplish. they’re anything. and i hope to continually cross things off, and add new ones. I never want to come to a point where I have nothing left to do… so here it is as of now.

solid bullet pts=left to be done
hallow bullet pts = I’ve done them since i wrote out the list a couple weeks ago

My Life’s To Do List:
o Go sailing
• Sail around the world
• Go in a cruise
o Go on a boat on the ocean
• Catch a fish
• Go on an archeological dig
• Go to Jerusalem
• Go to every continent (Antarctica=optional)
o North America
o Europe
o Africa
• Learn Italian
• Go to Sara’s wedding in Florence
• Go to every state in the U.S.
• Return to Rome (and every time I return, I have to throw a coin in Trevi Fountain)
• Become a tour guide for a time (bonus points for a cool historical location like the Colloseo)
• Learn to drive a stick shift
• Watch Casa Blanca
• Learn to write grants
• Work in youth ministry
• Write a book
• Be an extra in a movie
• Write about my travels
• Meet Gerard Butler
• Read consistently
• Return to Greece (w/ people and visit the Islands this time)
• Get married
• Have/raise kids
• Touch every ocean
• Go to New York City
• Learn Spanish fluently
• Go on a gondola in Venice
• Go to Vegas and play some sort of table game
• Climb a tree in every continent
• Go to a pro baseball game
• Go to a pro football game
• Meet Bono
• Return to the African continent
• Go NOSing
• Pull a grand prank
• Watch all Gerard Butler’s films
• See the FRIENDS apartment building in NYC
• Swim in one of the Hearst Castle pools
• Ring the bells in a bell tower somewhere
• Visit the rainforest
• Have a garden at least once
• Milk a cow
• Ride a camel
• Watch the sun rise over the ocean
o Have a bonfire on a beach
• Read The Brothers Karamazov
• Read the graphic novel: Maus
• Go to the Berlin wall
• Go back to the UK
o Go to Miguel’s
o Eat at Santana’s (CA burrito)
• Live in Oroville again
• Meet one of the “FRIENDS”
• Watch all the seasons of Gilmore girls
o Swim in public fountains
• Try caviar
• Go caving
• Go tunneling
• Eat at PF Chang’s
• Go up the Eiffel tower (climb all the steps. No elevator cop-out).
• Go to Scotland
• Be able to do one real pull-up
• Be able to do 15 pushups without resting
• Get BA degree
• Go to Haiti to be a part of relief work
• Go back to Busingen
• Go back to Washington DC
• Write a children’s book
• Build my own house
• Ride an elephant
• Swim with dolphins
• Swim with sea turtles
• Hold a monkey
• Fly in a helicopter
• Go in a submarine
• Give up every drink except water for lent one year
• Take a pottery class
• Learn guitar
• Read the Bible all the way through
• Watch the matrix trilogy
• Touch a penguin
• Crash a wedding
• Own a puppy
o Eat at Con Pane
• Read Moby Dick
• See the 7 wonders of the world (and find out what they are)
• Be in the live audience at the filming of a sitcom
• Read Dante’s divine comedy
• Finish watching LOST
• Live in a city
• Go kayaking (bonus points for kayaking in the ocean or at night)
o Go surfing
• Eat apple pie in Julian
• Get a henna tattoo
• Go to the San Diego Zoo
• Go to Disneyworld
• See Mayan or Aztec Ruins
• See Egyptian Ruins (in Egypt. I’ve seen a temple ruin in Madrid. Really I did.)
• Read sense and sensibility
• Read at least one more Tim O’Brien novel
• Read The Scarlet Letter
• Read Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
• Create a time capsule and put it in the attic of our flex apt.
• Go to Maui or Kauai
• Watch Braveheart
o Watch zoolander
• Sponsor a child until they’re grown
• Be able to do 15 double-unders in a row
• Go to a fair-trade coffee farm somewhere, meet the farmers/workers, and buy coffee from them.
Things I’d completely before I wrote out the list, but that were on the mental list before I did them.
o Go skinny dipping in the Rhine
o Float down the Rhine
o Eat gelato in every Italian city I visit
o Live in a place where it snows
o Hike in the swiss alps
o Try a bratwurst in Germany
o Watch the Patriot
o Watch Gladiator
o Go to Ireland (eat in a pub, and swim in the sea)
o Go into a castle
o Go to Gimmelwald
o Backpack/train travel through Europe
o Go blatting
o Go iceblocking
o Eat at Adalberto’s