This is the start of my blogging excursion, and is non-coincedentally the start of my Europe excursion.  This is mainly a blog about everything.  I’ll be writing about my travels and the people I’m meeting abroad, but I’ll also be talking about what God is speaking to me about, cool things I’ve read, and things I’ve been thinking about.  Like most time I share my world with people, it most likely will be a messy blur of people places, thoughts, events, emotions, and encounters.  but for any/all who want to follow along and see what God is bringing forth in my life, feel free to check in once in a while.  I’ll be trying to update this as often as possible.  So check back.

A quick anecdote which has a point:

At Thanksgiving, I was sitting at the table with my family, and i was lucky enough to have some youngin’s at the table for dinner this year.  Near the end of the meal, a four year old named Toby tried getting my attention. “Joanna.  Joanna.  EXCUSE ME… JoANNA…”  He said as politely as possible while still be heard.  “Yeah Toby, what’s up” I said.  He then got a concerned, and earnest look on his face.  “Joanna, I was just wondering…. why does so much have to change so fast?”

This was not the only good question Toby asked that night, but it is one that stuck with me.  I’m not sure why things have to change so much so fast… but I know that it does happen that way.  Life goes by quickly, and it seems that my life is a series of comings and goings like the waves on the beach. I love being home, but God keeps opening doors for me asking for me to leave for periods of time, and everywhere he’s taken me so far has been yet another place where I’ve fallen in love, and another set of people whom i learn to love as well. These places and people are all a part of my story. This blog is a way that I’m going to try to seize each moment before it passes, and to keep a record of how these moments are being spent, and how they’re changing. This blog is called the Story of Jo… but really it’s my story, which consequently is a story about all of you.  I hope you guys enjoy the story — reading it, and being part of it.

just some people I love in my story.  =) Miss you guys

just some people I love in my story. =) Miss you guys