SO yesterday was the day of finals for the first term here at EuNC.  The week was kind of crazy with all the thigns we had due and all the things we had to get done.  By thursday night I was going a bit stir crazy and needed some sort of extreme or random activity to help quench my thirst for adventure and give me a break from studying… but there was nothing to be found.  Except… I decided I could swim in the rhein.  However, it was far too cold and too late at that time of night, and i have a policy about not going into good-sized bodies of water that I’m not familiar with at night…

So, I decided on thursday night, as a compromise, that i would plan to go swimming in the Rhein on friday afternoon after finals were all done!  I let a lot of people know… tried (and failed) to convince others to join me… and then made the plan of when to go do the deed.  There ended up being some snow falling just before the time that i had set to go swimming… but I decided it was still worth it.  I psyched myself up for it, and was anticipating the coldest body of water I’d ever been in.

By the time we actually got down to the river, it was about to be dusk, and it had luckily stopped snowing.  i had a goog group of people that came to witness my craziness and root me on. 

When I actually went in… it really didn’t feel too cold.  After I’d talked myself into how cold it was going to be… in contrast it really wasn’t all the bad.  It definitely woke me up though and gave me some bursts of adrenaline.  All in all, I’m super glad I did it, I’ve become a little legend for the week, and it was definitely a good way to end finals.  =)


Jenna watching with a blanket

Jenna watching with a blanket



































 If you’d like to watch videos of pre, during, and post event, check these out: 

Part 1:


Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Hope you enjoy these! =)