The Story Project

Everyone has a story, but not everyone has the voice, time, or platform to tell it.

Just as you would hire a professional photographer to come take a portrait of you or your family, you can now also hire a professional writer to come help you tell your story by writing it for you.

The story project is Jo’s idea of wanting to help people see that they have a story, to give them a tangible product that they can then share with their friends and families and can pass down through generations, and to provide a collection of true stories of American lives for the world to see and be changed by.

That’s the power of stories. They help us know we’re not alone.

Read the stories and learn more at


Your donation allows me to make this project happen in a very ground-level way. Buying gas and plane tickets, food, lodging, coffee while I interview people at a coffee shop, etc. Though this is a paid project, I need donations to cover costs to be able to do this. If we get to a point where the project is making enough to be self-sustained, we’ll change it up. But for now, I need your help!